In Case You Haven’t Seen the Video of the A380 Crashing into a Comair Regional Jet…


  1. I love the fact that the jumbojet driver (I’ll not call him a pilot, since he was driving the plane on the ground) basically stopped after he smashed into the commuter jet, like we would do if we ran into a telephone pole or something. “Oh, shit. Did I just hit something?” Yes. Another plane.

  2. Ehehe, yes, I thought that too. I was surprised he even noticed (he probably heard a sound or a bump). Did I hit something? atconline has the audio if interested.

    The other thing this made me realize is how strong planes really are. Seems like you could literally pick up the plane by its tail and it would not rip off. I know the real stress comes from air ramming into the structures, etc. And I know you could break the rudder off if you extend it out too far while going too fast, or trying to pull up from a dive over the max speed, etc. But it kinda surprised me that the smaller CRJ just got hit, spinned 90 degrees and nothing came off, I don’t know why, I thought the vertical stabilizer would rip off. Looked like a toy.

    My next thought was: what did the pilot think at that point, did he think his plane got cut in half by the 380 (after all, the front of plane is the part that got the most radial acceleration [I know, wrong term] and he doesn’t get to see the plane from the outside). Well, I guess he figured he was still level on his wheels and the controls didn’t light up like a Christmas tree so all must be fine. I’m not sure I’d have thought “all must be fine” after being spun around like that.

    Unrelated, I can’t remember where I saw this but a Russian flight crew who lost all avionics decided to use a glass of water as a poor man’s level indicator. Now that’s smart!