Caribbean’s First Low Fare Airline, REDjet, Announces June Launch and $9.99 Fares (Don’t Get Too Excited, They Don’t Fly to the US)

REDjet, the first airline to try a low fare model in the Caribbean, announced that it will launch service in June between its Barbados base and Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad flying two MD-82s between the cities.  Fares start at $9.99, with a bunch available at $49.99.  Schedules should be available soon.  With Spirit thriving bringing travelers home to countries in the region by offering low fares, the model should work, especially since its competitor, Caribbean Airlines, charges rather high fares on similar routes.


  1. Is this for real? This is like a dream come true. Hope St. Lucia signs and accepts. The airfares have gotten so much out of control this should help put the other airlines in tact.

  2. BevAnn Rago-Baptiste

    My kids and us are very excited. Finally an airline that considers the lower class of citizens. I hope it really happens, because we know there are those who will fight tooth and nail to stop this. All tghe best REDJET. I wish you all the best.

  3. My family would be delighted to travel on this airline… this is awesome…I pray and hope that all goes well with REDJET. Best wishes for a successful launch and great services…

  4. Please consider adding Cap Haitien!!!

  5. leslieann bedeau

    its about time there is a airline that every one can afford :lol: :smile: :razz: :eek:

  6. i hope they for the panama rote also they fare is too high

  7. what date u all start runin for grenada

  8. :grin: would like to know if the fares are a one way or two way tickets please need to know

  9. is this airline still working