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Qatar Airways Postpones 2-for-1 Sale After Technical Glitch

Qatar Airways was planning on rolling out a 2-day 2-for-1* sale today that offered 2-for-1 tickets between May 1 and June 10th.  However, technical issues plagued the launch and the sale will now begin tomorrow.

* It’s not exactly a 2-for-1 sale.  First, flights from Houston and JFK to Doha are excluded, though you can fly THROUGH Doha on your way to somewhere else.  Worse, the least expensive fares are excluded from the promotion, so while you’ll save a bit, it’s not exactly getting two of their lowest priced fares for the price of one.  Fares must be booked into K, Q, L, M, B or Y, for those interested in that level of detail).

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