Ryanair Rolls Out 2 Euro Fee to Cover Compensation for Canceled Flights

Ryanair is not happy about a European rule that requires airlines to pay compensation to passengers for flight cancelations, even in cases of force majeure.  Last year the carrier had to pay more than 100 million Euro related to this rule, primarily due to volcano-related cancellations.  Ryanair, obviously, is not going to pay that quietly, so they’re turning to passengers to make up the lost revenue:  The airline will now levy a 2 Euro charge on every passenger to cover costs related to the rule.

Or, you can just look at it as a 2 Euro pre-cancellation fee.  Whichever you prefer.


  1. I don’t think it is surprising that Ryanair have resorted to passing the charge on to their passengers – after all they are a budget airline obsessed with keeping costs low. Remember the proposed charge a couple of years back for use of their onboard toilets!

  2. After my first flight with Ryanair, I will fly NEVER AGAIN. They charge for everything, and it was a really nightmare from the beginning till the end of the trip.