Why Fly When You Can Take a New Ferry from Tampa to Havana?

The entrepreneur who started the Seascape cruise line (day trips to nowhere in Florida) is now attempting to launch a more ambitious venture:  a ferry from Tampa to Havana, Cuba.  This doesn’t have much to do with airlines, but I’m fascinated with the idea of someone choosing to take an 18-hour ferry ride for $350 for a cabin or $150 for a deck chair to go visit relatives in Havana, considering there are ample flight charter services making the trip.  The 2,000 passenger (yes, 2,000 passengers) will launch services roughly 6 months after gaining government approval, which they hope will come soon.  One of the selling points to Cubans looking to visit home is that they can carry as much baggage as they’d like for no extra charge; Cubans bring ample amounts of stuff when they travel back to the country and airlines ding them considerably on excess baggage charges.

I have no idea how this service could possibly work, but I give him credit for trying.

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