Condor to Launch Wi-Fi Based In-Flight Entertainment, Will Give Tablets to Business Class Passengers

Condor Airlines (a German leisure carrier) announced that they will launch a wi-fi based in-flight entertainment (IFE) system this summer that will allow passengers to access movies, music and whatnot on their own wi-fi based devices (ie, iPad).  They will also lend tablet devices to business class passengers so they can access the content if they do not bring a device with them.

Lufthansa Systems makes the wi-fi based product, which they say is perfect for airlines that do not wish to spend the money to install seat-back televisions to access IFE.  Assuming this works as planned, it could be a less expensive way for very low cost carriers (Spirit?) to offer in-flight entertainment for a charge without having to pull aircraft out of service for an elaborate retrofit (installation takes 8-10 hours).

On a related note, Jetstar announced a few months back that they would offer rentals of iPads equipped with movies, music and whatnot.

For airlines that have not yet made the investment in seatback televisions, wi-fi devices are approaching the point where they are used widely enough that they may be better off waiting a year and installing a wi-fi system without seatback monitors.


  1. Very doubtful that they can stream videos to all those iPads and other similar devices that people will carry onto an airplane. I believe Jetstar will just preloaded the devices with a selection of videos … Which is incidentally what I am doing as well.

  2. Oliver,

    It may sound doubtful, but it’s been tested on a B747.

    Preloading must be a logistical mess. How do you deal with it?
    And what if customers bring in their own device and prefer to use it? No entertainment?

    Streaming solves both problems.

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