An Upgrade Conundrum

Quick travel story:  I’m in San Francisco, and when I arrived at the airport for my 215 flight I was told that an earlier flight was delayed but would depart at 1230.  I could get on it, but I would have a middle seat (they were not going to charge me for standing by on an earlier flight for reasons I didn’t question).  I decided to stay on my current flight because (and I never, ever do this, but I decided I needed a treat), I would use some miles to upgrade on my United PS flight.

So, I skipped the middle seat in coach at 1230 (arrive at 930pm) to take business on my flight at 215 (arrive at 1030).

Well, no good deed goes unpunished:  my flight is now delayed until 345 (midnight arrival).

Question:  How delayed must my flight be before I accept that I should’ve taken the middle seat?   I won’t get home til close to 1am as it is.  I feel like I’m approaching that point now.

Damn you, middle seat!


  1. Oh no, no, no. A middle seat in economy on p.s. is NEVER an option when I have a confirmed business class seat a little later. ;-)

    Sorry you had a delay, but I bet you’re loving business class right now!

  2. You’re right, I did enjoy being up front.

  3. You used the word “never” again. Again, you made a similar error ny not breaking your rules. Remember “my rule, never ever turn down a reindeer and mayo sandwich, never.”

    Welcome home.

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