Delta May Introduce iPads in the Cockpit

This is a bit outside my realm of knowledge, but I just thought I’d pass along that Delta has said that they are looking to get approval to have their pilots use iPads in the cockpit to replace or supplement current paper and/or laptop-based systems.

If I’m remembering correctly, JetBlue was the first US-based airline to bring laptops into the cockpit (I say that with 85% certainty).  No airline has rolled out ipads to replace the clunky portables yet, but a test program has been under way with Executive Jet Management (part of NetJets).

(thx, D-lux)


  1. I was hanging out with the pilot for my hop from AUS to IAH and he says CO/United is doing the same thing. Apparently it’s cheaper to give 15,000 pilots an iPad than reprint all their flight manuals with the new brand/logo.