Continental Offers Food for Sale on Hawaii Flights Beginning (oops) Yesterday (March 1)

Continental Airlines moved to buy-on-board food options on Hawaii, Alaska and most Caribbean flights beginning on March 1st.  Food is reasonably priced (meals are under $10), but it represents the first time (that I’m aware of) that a so-called “full service airline” is not offering free meals on an 11-hour flight.  I don’t have an issue with it – airlines are certainly free to make money where they can.  It just represents the end of an era — at one point the flight to Hawaii was the ultimate in luxury, regardless of class.  Obviously, that’s changed in a million ways.  But who ever thought we’d see the day where a major carrier is charging for food on a flight of that length.  Oh well.

(Yes, Continental had announced this previously, but I wasn’t sure they’d actually see it though.)


  1. Makes you, eh, me wonder why they still offer free food on international flights. EWR-Europe is often shorter than HNL.

  2. Other carriers, including United and American, already charge for meals on Hawaii routes.

  3. From AA website: On afternoon U.S., Caribbean and Mexico flights over three hours that depart before 8pm, including our Transcontinental and Hawaii flights, you may purchase a fresh Boston Market sandwich and chips. Our food for sale snacks are also offered on these flights.