A Quick Word about Hotel Fees

The OTR is on vacation at the Marriott Los Suenos in Costa Rica (flew AA on miles – 30k to Central America is 5k fewer miles than anyone else charges), and so I won’t be back writing til Thursday.  But I wanted to mention quickly to everyone who complains about airline fees, they should save their vitriol for hotels (such as this hotel) which dare to charge $7 for a bottle of water.  It’s beautiful here, don’t get me wrong, but really – $7?


  1. Whoa!
    $7.00 is a bit much!
    If you have a rental car maybe you can venture out and find a case of water for that price?!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. We do have a rental car – and we bought about 15 bottles of water for the same price at the supermercado down the street. Good idea!