Delta Air Lines Offers Frozen Snickers, $50

A distraught cat owner is fighting a decision by Delta Air Lines, which offered her a $50 reimbursement after her cat, Snickers, froze to death in the cargo hold of a Delta plane.  Delta originally told Heather Lombardi that they would reimburse her nearly $3,000 for various vet-related costs, but this week reduced the payment to $50.

The cat froze while in the cargo hold during a flight from Salt Lake City to Hartford last month.

(Thanks to reader Joe-Z).


  1. $50 dollars for a dead pet is ridiculous! This lady should get at least the $3,000 that were promised to her. The $50 doesn’t even cover the airfare, if it were me and I was flying domestic or taking a flight to Liverpool or anywhere else in the world. I would be suing to get compensation for their mistake or neglect.

  2. This airline does not deserve any further business. You are heartless

    May Snickers rest in a warm place in heaven and watch over her human family

  3. This is where the big disconnect begins. See this is a tragedy in itself but 50 dollars for the kitty is crazy. But from my standpoint, I am not going to blame the airlines or the tens of thousands of innocent employees that work for that airline. I want to know who the top level executive is that made this call. Then I will call for his resignation.

  4. Reading the original story, it seems the cat didn’t freeze during the flight.

    “Snickers froze after flying to Connecticut from Utah last month. A door latch malfunctioned in 10-degree weather and it took nearly an hour to unload her.

    Heather Lombardi says Delta initially told her she would get $2,900 for the cat and $290 for airfare, plus reimbursement for vet bills and a freezer where she’s keeping Snickers until the ground thaws. Delta changed its offer Tuesday.”