SAS Captain Fell Asleep Mid-Flight While First Officer Was in Bathroom

The captain of an SAS flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm fell asleep at the controls while he co-pilot was taking care of some business in the bathroom.  The pilot said that he was completely exhausted and was fighting to stay awake during the flight (one of 5 he was flying that day), but ultimately he fell asleep during the trip, which occurred last year.

The co-pilot had to buzz the cockpit repeatedly to wake up the exhausted captain. The plane was on auto-pilot at the time.

SAS said that having a pilot fall asleep mid-flight was “unusual” but they have not disciplined him.


  1. Very poor judgement. This person should not be in the cockpit. And don’t they have an FA in the cockpit while one of the pilots is in the lav?

  2. This is what happens when the Captain is served Absolut with his in-flight meal….
    (PS: @Oliver: actually there is no rule saying that an FA must be in the cockpit when one of the pilots steps out.)

  3. SAS captain falls asleep at the controls… - One Mile at a Time - pingback on February 7, 2011 at 1:07 am

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