Woman Caught at Airport with 44 iPhones in Stockings

Chalk one up for the new full body scanners:  A woman at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport was caught trying to smuggle 44 iPhones into Israel by stuffing them in her stockings under traditional Georgian clothing.  Security officials noticed she was walking funny (because she had 44 iPhones in her stockings) and approached her.  She said she wasn’t feeling well, and security said they could help her out, just as soon as she passed through the full-body scanner.  She obliged, and was caught with the phones.

This is the 24th time the scanners have caught people trying to smuggle items into Israel since they were installed in October.

(thx, D-lux!)


  1. This is an interesting situation, unlike what we have here in The States. Israel is using the machines to scan folks ENTERING the country versus using the machines to scan folks headed onto flights. It makes me begin to wonder if the US Customs Department will begin expanded use of the machines for their sake.

  2. officials say she got caught because she was “walking funny”…..she must have had them all on ‘vibrate”

  3. Important to note that she wasn’t really caught by the machines, she was caught by security personnel who are taught to watch for behavioral cues. If they didn’t have the machines they could have done a manual search. It’s just easier for everyone for the machines to confirm their suspicions (especially for all the people who simply are behaving weird or have a bad leg – the machine is less invasive than the security person strip searching you). But they don’t make everyone go through the machine – they use people and behavioral profiling to determine when the machines are necessary/useful.