Looking to Pick Up a Used 737? There’s a Plane for Sale on eBay for Half a Million Dollars

In the market for a 40 year old Boeing 737 airplane?  You’re in luck.  Someone is selling a 737-200 manufactured in 1969 on eBay.  You could probably get this thing into flying condition, but please note that it has been in storage since 2006.

The plane has had a long, storied career (full details here), including stints with Nigeria Airways, Air Zaire, and, most recently, as a cargo hauler for something called Facts Air.  But its heart will always be up North, where it began life flying all over Western Canada for Pacific Western.

While if you’ve got half a million floating around you may be tempted to pick it up to fly your friends around (?), it’s currently configured as a cargo plane (ie, no seats).

Good luck bidding!

(Hat tip to Airliners.net)

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