Pan Am (Number 5) Will Launch in Mid-November (Cargo Only)

The fifth time’s a charm:  A cargo company has purchased the rights to the Pan Am name and will launch freight service under the Pan Am name beginning in mid-November.  The first route will serve the popular Brownsville (TX) – Monterrey (MX) corridor.

Sheesh, it seems like just yesterday that I was writing about the death of the 4th incarnation of Pan Am since it went under in 1991.  Maybe not yesterday, but 5 years ago.

The new airline hopes to launch passenger service to Latin America starting sometime in 2012 (or more likely, never…does never work for you?), and expanding to African service (also on the 7th of Never) and, according to the website, service to Brazil for the World Cup.  In 2016.

The most interesting thing here is that they are located in the original Pan Am’s Latin American headquarters in Brownsville.  And perhaps that is the best thing they have going for it.


  1. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Some idiot must have invested some amount of cash into them.