OpenSkies Offers Money-Back Guarantee

After railing earlier this morning about how customer satisfaction doesn’t matter in the airline industry, Openskies (all-premium service between NY, DC & Paris) announced a money-back guarantee where they’ll refund the price of your flight (save for a handful of mandatory fees) if you’re not fully satisfied.  Fly between now and November 30th, and you’ve got 30 days after to complain to them.

It would, I think, take some serious, uh, guts to have them give you back the $1500 you paid for your flight, but there ya go.  I’m reminded of a friend’s father once trying to send back a $300 bottle of wine at a restaurant and getting in to a fight with the sommelier,  who wouldn’t take the bottle back.  That’s neither here nor there.  I can’t imagine many will follow through on this, but it’s a nice marketing ploy.

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