JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass Is Back (And $100 More…or $100 Less)

JetBlue’s 1-month All You Can Jet pass is back, this year in two versions (both must be purchased by August 20th for travel September 7th – October 6th).

Version 1:  Same idea as last year’s pass – fly all you want anywhere in the network (plus international taxes) for $699 ($100 more than last year).

Version 2:  5-day a week pass allowing you to fly anywhere, except on Fridays and Sundays for $499 for the month ($100 less than last year).

As with last year, this sounds like an amazing deal but really think about how much flying you’re going to do, and DEFINITELY factor in international taxes, which are not included.  This is a very cheap time of year to fly (r/t tix from New York to Costa Rica on JetBlue are about $260 before taxes, for example), so definitely plan your travel carefully before purchasing the pass.


  1. This is a great deal, but JetBlue could have spent a bit more time in testing their online booking sight. Especially for when a customer purchases more than one flight at the same time (isn’t that the idae?). It REQUIRES a title for your name (Ms,Mr,etc.), so my 2 year old is now Ms. Not a big problem, but then two fiels down you have to state the gender?? Also, while the system remember almost all the date from one booking to another, for this field it doesn’t. So, I have to select “female” every time for her.

    The other problem is the phone number. Our number is registered on the sight in the format XXX-YYY-ZZZZ, but during this booking, the system which has spaces for AREA CODE and NUMBER, throws the whole thing into the NUMBER field and then complains that you don’t have an AREA CODE specified. Not very professional.

    AYCJ is still a great deal though!