JetBlue Flight Attendant Curses at Passenger, Takes Beer, and Slides Down Emergency Chute

(Thanks to Joey and Doug, and everybody else, for sending me this…)

You’re going to hear about this elsewhere, but in case you haven’t yet, this will be the oddest airline story of the year:  A flight attendant working a JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to JFK, got into a disagreement with a passenger, then, upon landing, cursed at the passenger over the PA system, grabbed a beer, activated the emergency chute, and slid down it.  The whole thing apparently started when the passenger was getting a bag from the overhead bin, and it hit the flight attendant in the head.  The passenger refused to apologize.  The rest is (or will be) history.  I especially like the grabbing a beer part.


  1. my colleague was on a flight with that attendant earlier the same day; for the record, she said he was pretty cranky

  2. Now I just read that when they went to arrest him there were helicopters and a swat team. What the hell?

  3. if there really was a helicopter and the SWAT team, whoever tax payer got to pay for that should sue the organization that thought that sending a helicopter and SWAT made sense. This is an inexcusable waste of tax dollars. Granted, deploying the emergency chute was a bad idea too and I bet he’ll have to pay the 25k$ it costs to replace and all. But sending a helicopter and the SWAT, that’s even more stupid. What if a truly dangerous event unfolded at the same time and SWAT was busy scarring some frustrated attendant, oh would they have looked even more stupid. If I were the leader of whoever made that stupid decision, I’d fire that person. Otherwise, the public needs to boot out the stupid leader who is totally unable to stick resources/money where it counts…