Women Removed from Flight after Reporting Pilot Smelling Like Alcohol

A Southern California woman was removed from an Atlanta to Los Angeles flight on Delta last month after she told a flight attendant that she smelled alcohol on the breath of the plane’s captain.  The flight had been delayed an hour, and, following the delay, she walked onto the jetway with the captain.  Following the conversation, she told friends that she smelled alcohol on his breath.  She then told a flight attendant, who told another pilot.  The passenger was called into the cockpit to discuss, and was informed that the co-pilot and the captain were together during the delay that he definitely did not drink anything.

The passenger thanked the pilot and went back to her seat.  Soon after, Delta staff came on board and removed her on the plane, saying that the Captain did not want her on board.  Delta gave her meal vouchers and a hotel room and booked her on a flight the next day.

This does sound like one of those stories where there’s clearly another side, but if this is true, it’s kinda disturbing.

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