Man Arrested After Complaining to Ryanair about Quality of Sandwich

A passenger on a Ryanair flight from Berlin to Rygge, Norway, purchased a sandwich that the airline advertised as “freshly made.”  After tasting said sandwich, he determined it was not of recent provenance, and complained to flight attendants about the quality thereof.  The flight attendant (and pilot) were not amused by the passenger’s complaint, and asked that the flight be met by police when they arrived in Norway.  Police laughed when they were told what had happened and released the man without further incident.

I’m sure there is a lesson in here somewhere…


  1. What was he complaining about….the sandwich didn’t make his ears bleed!

  2. The lessons is that we should all complain about sandwiches when we take Ryanair flights. After a while the police will start to charge Ryanair and other grumpy airlines a special “security fee” for having wasted their officers’ time PLUS an extra “reprimand fee” for having pulled 2 officers from real work thus making everyone less secure.