Teenage Boy Accuses Southwest Airlines of Ignoring Onboard Sexual Harassment

A 14 year-old Chicago boy has accused Southwest Airlines of ignoring his complaints about a seatmate’s sexual harassment during a 2008 flight to Orlando.  An older woman sitting next to the boy allegedly repeatedly offered the boy drugs and made inappropriate sexual advances toward him.  The boy allegedly asked flight attendants to switch seats because of the cougar attack, but according to a lawsuit, they ignored him.  The boy’s father is suing for $50,000 in damages.

We can assume his friends are all jealous.


  1. It goes to show, that you never know. Like if you were the flight attendant working the flight, I doubt you’d be particularly alarmed about whatever the boy actually reported to you (which was probably vague).

    Reminds me of another story I saw in Drudge this morning: some teenage boys were allegedly “seduced” by a mom at a party at one of their friend’s house. You probably won’t be surprised that it was ANOTHER child who reported the misconduct!