Ryanair Apologizes to Easyjet Head for Pinocchio Ads

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary, not known for his submissive manner, apologized to Easyjet founder Stelios Haji-Iaonnou for publishing an ad that accused him of lying about Easyjet’s on-time performance.

In the ad (seen here), Stelios is pictured with a large Pinocchio nose (or perhaps that of Cyrano de Bergerac), then demands that Easyjet’s founder “stop hiding the truth” about Easyjet’s delays.

Leary, for his part, has now apologized and noted, “Since he was not responsible for Easyjet’s decision to stop publishing these on-time statistics, I think it is only fair and reasonable that we say sorry and pay him damages and his legal costs, rather than waste court time on this issue.”

Stelios had sued for libel, and they settled out court for 50,000 Pounds, which will be donated to charity.  He added that he felt the settlement was a victory for those “who have suffered verbal abuse at the hands of O’Leary.”  That list is quite long.

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