Dave Chappelle Loses It on Private Plane, Forces Diversion to Pittsburgh

Uh oh, not again…Comedian Dave Chappelle had a bit of a meltdown during a private jet flight from New Jersey back to his home in rural Ohio.  Apparently, something he ate did not sit well with him, and he had to use the restroom.  According to a spokesperson for Chappelle, the toilet on board “didn’t suit his needs.”  With that, Chappelle repeatedly entered the cockpit and at one point grabbed the pilot’s arms.  The pilot decided that Chappelle was a safety risk and landed the plane in Pittsburgh, booting the funny man off the jet.

Oddly, when Chappelle went to rent a car, he told the employee at the rental company that he could not remember his home address.


  1. Hmm,some of those private planes are just as big as the RJ [CRJ-200 I’m flying in along with 50 other people. Yet WE are probbed 3 different times before we can get on board OUR plane. And from this story, I guess it means that the cockpit of business jets, for example the CRJ-200 version (Challenger 300) cockpit could be accessible to anyone with a mental breakdown. I feel so secure knowing they are buying a giga-zillion dollars of probing and scanning equipment when some people are flying over our heads grabbing onto pilots when their sandwhich wasn’t as good as they liked. OH ARGGGG!!! Please someone tell me there is a “safe cockpit” rule in private jets too. Otherwise, I’m going rogue (ehehe, if only Sarah Palin ran the show, we’d be so much better off, doubly kidding of course).

  2. Ok, give me the FAA desk job for 5 minutes….

    NEW RULE: if your private jet DOES have a cockpit door then pilots are forced to tell passengers “we’ll see you after we land” and lock the door before taxiing away. Call tower (or apron control) and declare “cockpit secure” when asking for taxi clearance.

    NEW RECOMMENDATION: if your private jet does NOT have a cockpit door, consider other options for your own protection. But, as far as we’re concerned, you are not a big threat to anything big on the ground so do whatever you want, good luck.