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LAN to Offer Easter Island Service from Lima Beginning in January

Great news for anyone looking to use frequent flyer miles to visit Easter Island, LAN will be offering nonstop service twice a week from Lima, Peru, to Easter Island beginning in January.  Flights are only offered twice a week, and unfortunately they don’t connect with continuing Tahiti service, but having a second option (in addition to Santiago) to use miles to get to Easter Island is great for travelers.

Depart Lima 12:55am, Arrive Easter Island 6:15am, Sunday/Wednesday
Depart Easter Island 1pm, Arrive Lima 5:50pm, Sunday/Wednesday

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  1. It would be better news if it were with another carrier — competition would be a good thing.

    A bit surprised that there’s a market for Lima service. It will be a tad easier for norteamericanos, I guess. And could you save the $140 Chilean entry fee?

  2. Nah – you’ll still pay the $140 at entry to Easter Island.

  3. I didn’t realize the Chileans were equipped to collect the entry fee from gringos anywhere other than SCL.