Delta Mixes Up Unaccompanied Minors, Sends Wrong Kids to Cleveland and Boston

1) Delta has one unaccompanied minor traveling from Spokane to Boston via Minneapolis and another unaccompanied minor traveling from Spokane to Cleveland via Minneapolis.

2) The two children are on the same Spokane to Minneapolis flight.

3) Upon arrival for their connection in Minneapolis, paperwork is accidentally switched (like when Mike Brady is supposed to present architectural drawings at a meeting in Cincinnati but for reasons that aren’t important here opens up his plans only to find it switched with a poster of Yogi Bear).

4) Girl bound for Cleveland is placed on flight to Boston and vice versa.

5) Oops

6) In one of the odder quotes of the year, Delta’s spokesperson said they, “re-accommodated the children to their final destination cities at no cost” (nice to know they waived the change fee).

7) Kids return to their correct cities.


  1. you got a bad link in there jb

  2. i think this is the 1st time that i can remember that you actually skewed a quote to make your argument. The full quote is…
    “We apologized to the families, re-accommodated the children to their final destination cities at no cost, arranged full refunds for the children’s tickets, provided credits to the families for future travel, and refunded their unaccompanied minor fees,” Skrbec added.

  3. Oops – fixed, thanks!

  4. Oh, that’s definitely not the first time I’ve done that :)

    The full quote is, of course, less damning, but the fact that they even said that was kinda funny.