Thanks, Reuters, For This Absolutely Ridiculous Article about the Death of Luxury Air Travel

Reuters published a ridiculous piece of nonsense about the death of premium air travel this morning, and I can’t wait for this thing to be picked up by lazy newspapers across the country.

You’ll be shocked to hear that the economic downturn has forced cutbacks in business travel, especially in the front cabin.

“Hi-end boutique airlines have fallen from the sky, business travelers are bargain hunting online and most folks seated in the front of the plane have paid only for the back, experts say.”

And this shocker:

Airlines are also battling the price transparency that the internet has revealed.  “A couple of clicks on, for example, shops airfares even for business class,” Yesawich explained.

Um, yes, this was an issue for airlines.  In 1998.

Then this puzzler:

Now most boutique airlines are low cost and no-frills.

Yes, the no-frills experience provided by Openskies, Virgin America, and JetBlue.  The no food, pay-for-everything model embraced by network carriers really contrasts to the no food, pay-for-everything model embraced by no-frills airlines.  Sheesh.

It then goes on to say that rich people actually still fly business and first class.  Or hire a private jet.

So, to sum up, nobody is flying in premium classes anymore except for those people who do.  Thanks!


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