Want to Advertise on Spirit Airlines’ Barf Bags? It’ll Only Cost Ya $20,049

Spirit Airlines is now selling advertising space on just about everywhere it can, and they just released their 2010 rates, which I thought OTR readers (and advertisers, of course) would be interested in hearing:

Barf bags will cost you $20,049, or, if you’re my family, $10,024.50 for each time a child threw up on my last trip.  Sounds like a steal.

They’re very into bodily fluids (obviously), as they have not one, but two opportunities in the toilet: Bathroom door panels ($54,885) or bathroom mirror clings ($18,950).

The highest price is for traytables, which will set you back $300,000.

And that’s how they keep selling tickets at $9*.

(*plus fees).

(Thanks, Airline Reporter)


  1. You know, I think this really would be a good advertising opportunity for the right client. Say, Boost Mobile’s “unwronged” campaign. “You think it’s wrong to advertise on a barf bag? How about cellular companies that charge you all kinds of fees? That’s wrong. Boost Mobile etc…”