iPad-Based In-flight Entertainment System Coming Soon (Probably)

A company called Bluebox Avionics is rolling out an iPad-based in-flight entertainment system in July, with, they say, one international airline offering the product to passengers this summer.  The idea is that airlines would give/rent passengers an iPad equipped with the the IFE.  The content on device is streamed wirelessly, which allows passengers to use the device during takeoff and landing (as it can be paused for safety announcements).  The primary benefit is that you would not have to stare at the screen right in front of you for 11 hours.  Assuming someone actually rolls this out, expect it to be free up front and $15 or so in the back (I’d guess).  Sure beats the digEplayer.

(Thanks D-Lux for the heads up)


  1. I’ve been using an iPad-based entertainment system on my flights since April 3. Works great :)