Airline Nerd Fun: Reading the Direct Air Facebook Page Wall

A Quick One:  I’m not sure why the Direct Air facebook page is cracking me up, but it is extremely amusing to sift through all manner of complaints posted there.  Refunds never arrived?  Check.  Website doesn’t work?  Check.  Flights canceled?  Check.  It’s like listening to 200 people complain at once.  In a good way.

In case you were wondering (and it’s a fair question), Direct Air flies to Myrtle Beach, Niagara Falls, Punta Gorda, Rockford and other small cities.

(Thanks, Tom!)


  1. That makes me giggle, but I know it shouldn’t. Basically, there’s a reason this small airline carrier is small and remains small. If they can’t take care of their website, can you expect them to take care of the bigger (um, more important?) things??