2 Brief Notes from A Quick Trip to Florida

I’m back from a very quick trip to Florida, but I wanted to point out 2 quick things that just go to show I can still be pleasantly surprised once in a while:

1) My 5:30 pm return flight from Ft. Lauderdale was delayed a bit because of traffic congestion up in Newark (shocker).  They made a gate announcement after the flight was delayed a second time saying, “We’re going to hold off boarding for a few more minutes.  Because you’re taking off to the west, you’ll have a very short taxi today.  If we board you now, you’ll just end up sitting on the tarmac longer and we thought you’d prefer to stay in the terminal.”  Huh – I’ve never had that happen before.  (We did sit out on the taxiway for a while anyway, as we were further delayed; nonetheless, I appreciated that…)

2) Because we were late a number of people had tight connections to European flights.  Flight attendants asked passengers without connections to allow those with connections to get off the plane first.  AND THEY ACTUALLY DID!  Usually there’s still a mad scrum for everyone to get off the plane.  I’ve never seen people actually stay in their seats and let the 10 or so people off the plane first (on a Florida – to – New York flight, no less).

None of this made up for the unbelievable stinkiness of the dude driving my cab home, but there ya go.


  1. That’s really nice!! They should always do that: let the connecting people get their stuff and get to the front first. Very nice!!