Lawsuit: Passenger Needed His Scrotum Attended to, Airline Staff Refused

An Air Transat passenger is suing the airline because during a 2008 flight from Montreal to Mexico flight attendants refused to examine his scrotum.  The end.

Wait – you wanted more details than that?  I’m happy to:  the passenger found that he had sudden (and unexpected, obviously) bleeding coming from his scrotum area during the flight (I really hope you’re not eating right now).  He called over a flight attendant, and a female one arrived.  He brushed her away and requested a male flight attendant.  Upon his arrival, the passenger asked that the flight attendant examine his scrotum.  He refused and instead handed him some paper towels then told him that if the bleeding was bad enough, they would call a doctor.

Upon arrival in Mexico the passenger went to a doctor, who told him that he had a ruptured vein near his scrotum.

The passenger then sued the airline for not providing appropriate medical care (ie, looking at his genitals).  The case was dismissed this week.

The end.


  1. And I thought last week’s “JAL Warns Laid Off Flight Attendants: Please Don’t Sell Old Uniforms to Fetishists” post was weird. This one definitely tops it.

  2. It took balls to ask for a flight attendant….oh never mind.