Medical Marijuana Causes Passenger Freak Out on Flight

Hoo man – how did I miss this:

A man dropped his pants and attacked crew members on a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to LA last week, causing the plane’s diversion to Pittsburgh after he says he took a double dose of medical marijuana cookies (no word on how many cookies constitutes a single dose, as I would guess that eating the pot-laced treats would cause the eater to try to eat as many more cookies as possible.)

The man was reportedly making “odd gestures” before entering the lavatory.  Upon emerging, his pants were down.  When flight attendants tried to intervene, he attacked them, causing the flight’s diversion.

Can you bring medical marijuana on a plane?  Is that legal?


  1. Medical marijuana is only legal in a handful of states and is still considered illegal under federal penal statutes (dispensing it anyway, as that would be considered “trafficking”) Dispensaries in these states have only avoided prosecution because Obama/Holder have refocused DOJ’s priorities.

    I am quite certain that transporting a controlled substance across state lines remains illegal, prescription or not.

  2. In California you can take medical marijuana on a plane. Where you land could be an issue if state laws prohibit medical marijuana.