Kulula’s Amusing New Livery

A quick fun one for a Friday:  Check out South African lowfare carrier Kulula’s new livery labeling each area of the plane…

Have a great weekend.

(Or for you total airline nerds, feel free to read about Republic’s decision to ditch the Q400 aircraft — a quiet, beloved prop plane — for E170 and E190s.  Most airlines who fly the Q400 (Porter, Horizon, for example) seem to love it, but it has been unable to catch on widely as the economics of it (and whether Americans will fly on a turboprop) come into question.


  1. Kulula have a great marketing team and most recently have launched the “Cows for Kate” campaign in line with the Royal Wedding in April 2011. Kulula are committed to delivering a herd of cows to the Palace so Prince William can pay Lobolo. Lobolo is a Zulu, Xhosa & Ndebele tradition which requires cows to be given to the bride’s family to pay for her hand in marriage – the number of cows depending on the worth of the bride.