Norwegian Air Competitor Buys Up Nearly All Its Cheap Tickets, Several for Donald Duck

Norwegian Air announced a 1 Krone (18 cents) fare on a new route between Copenhagen and Karup, Norway, to try to drum up awareness of the new flights.  One group of people was very aware and took advantage of the offer:  employees of competitor airline Cimber Sterling.  Staff members at the airline purchased at least 650 of the 1 Krone fares, many under names such as Donald Duck, effectively shutting out real customers from purchasing the tickets.

For the inaugural flight, only 30 passengers showed up, suggesting that Cimber Sterling staff purchased about 3/4 of all available tickets.  And staff members admitted as much, with a Cimber Sterling attorney saying that he purchased 54 tickets.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because EasyJet did something similar to Go a few years back.


  1. Gruffbut Lovable

    that’s highly larious.

  2. EasyJet? Is that a themed flight similar to the Cougar Cruise?