A Few Quick Thoughts about My Trip Yesterday

Longtime OTR readers know that I don’t do trip reports, but I thought I’d pass along a few quick thoughts about my trip over to Warsaw & Amsterdam yesterday:

– At JFK, whoever thought it would be funny to put the El Al gate immediately between the Royal Jordanian gate and the Etihad gate was correct – I laughed when I walked by.

– Whoever thought it would be funny for LOT Airlines to sell duty free items at 3am with the lights on in the cabin, well – that was not funny.

– Star Alliance should be ashamed that LOT’s pathetic trans-Atlantic 767 service is part of the Alliance’s service offering.  Projected movies and ancient interior do not a great trip make.

– Star Alliance should be proud of LOT’s solid intra-Europe Embraer 170 service.  New planes, decent pitch and food.

– The ridiculous blizzard in Warsaw canceled my plans to spend the day in the city.  However, unlike in the US, they allowed me to standby for free.

– I have never seen a plane as decimated as the LOT 767 after we landed in Warsaw.  I think I mentioned that the last time I flew, the KLM 747 looked as if nobody had been on it after 7 hours.  This was whatever is the opposite of that.  Revolting.

That was all…just thought you’d like to know…

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