Please Do Not Joke About Having a Bomb in Your Underwear

A German man/idiot repeatedly joked about having a bomb in his underwear while going through security at Stuttgart’s airport and was then angered when he and his family missed their flight to Cairo.  He was also not happy to find out that he will not be reimbursed for the missed vacation (he was on a charter flight – those Germans sure love their charters).  Nor will he be thrilled about the 1000 Euro fine he will likely receive.

A full-body search (perhaps that’s what he wanted in the first place) found no explosives in his underwear (he was just happy to see you), but the airline – TUIFly – refused to let him board.  The moral of the story?  Unless you have explosives in your underwear, don’t tell security that you have explosives in your underwear before boarding your German charter flight to Egypt.


  1. I would highly recommend not mentioning what you have in your underwear, especially not at an airport lol.

  2. Sorry some tourists are just idiots!