A Quick Roundup of the Stories We Missed Over the Break

While we were out, you certainly heard about the big airline stories (as a co-worker said yesterday, why did the terrorists have to pick a flight to Detroit – hasn’t that city been kicked down enough?).  I wanted to pass along a few that you may have missed (thanks to reader D-Lux for most of these…)

– Joan Rivers claims she was “held hostage” when Costa Rican security officials did not permit her to board a Continental flight back to New York because her passport reads, “Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers.”  I didn’t know your passport could say that.

– Ivana Trump was escorted off a plane in West Palm Beach by sheriff’s deputies after she became enraged at children running in the aisles of the plane.  Officers were called to the scene and gave her the option of leaving on her own, or being forcibly removed.  She chose the latter.

– Long-troubled Mesa Air has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, though they’ll continue to fly for US Airways and Delta.

Allegiant purchased 18 MD-80 aircraft from SAS for less than $4 million each, meaning they purchased a small fleet of airplanes for only a bit more than the price of 1 737.  They’ll use a handful for parts, and the rest for their impressive expansion over the next couple of years.  Gotta love those guys.

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