Quick Update on New Security Rules

In case you haven’t heard, Air Canada and United (so far) have implemented new security rules that sound as if they are made up.  Air Canada is not permitting anyone to get out of their seats for the last hour of a flight, nor are you able to hold anything in your lap (no, really, I’m not just making that up).  Yes that sounds like something out of an Onion article, but that’s how airplane security works now.  United has shut down in-flight entertainment on international flights, likely because they do not want the in-flight map showing, because it may be helpful to terrorists to see that the airplane, which is represented as being as large as Iceland, may be somewhere between New York and Chicago.  Again, I wish I were making that up.

The TSA is recommending that terrorists wishing to kill several hundred Americans on a transportation vessel turn their eye toward Amtrak, which allows hundreds of people to board without any security whatsoever.

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