Cathay Pacific to Customers: Please Stop Clogging Our Toilets

I cannot believe how underreported this story has been:  Cathay Pacific has suffered a series of toilet blockages on its flights, including one that caused an 18-hour delay on a Riyadh – Hong Kong flight that was forced to stop in Mumbai.

To combat these mysterious backups, Cathay has launched a campaign to educate passengers about the use of the toilet (don’t blame me – I’m just letting you know).  Stickers will be added to lavatories explaining:

The new stickers on the inner and outer lid of toilets show pictures of towels, cups, containers, napkins, sick bags and other items beneath a sign in English and Chinese warning: ‘These items will choke the toilet. Please dispose of them in the waste bin.’

Premium passengers will have to suffer with paper towels in bathrooms until this problem has been flushed away.

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