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Air Zimbabwe Plane Crashes into Pigs

An Air Zimbabwe flight from Harare to Bulawayo crashed into a bush pig (a small warthog-like animal) during takeoff last Tuesday, injuring several passengers and causing significant damage to the Chinese-made MA60 aircraft.

Passengers reported that after the plane came to a stop, smoke began to fill the cabin and they struggled opening the jammed emergency exits as they were overcome with the smell of delicious, delicious bacon.

Most impressively, Zimbabwean police were the first to arrive on the scene, a comforting fact for passengers, until they saw that upon arrival they arrested and detained two of the passengers for taking photos of the wreckage.

The rest of the passengers were held at the airport for 5 hours, with their gathered relatives given no information about the incident. ¬†All in a day’s work at Air Zim.

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