Best Credit Card Bonus Ever: 100,000 British Airways Miles

First, I have to thank Gary at View from the Wing for giving all of us dorks the heads up on this.  Well done.

The short version is this:  Sign up for a British Airways Chase Visa and, after $2,000 in spend or balance transfer, you’ll get 100,000 British Airways miles.  Spend $30k in a year, and you’ll get a certificate for 2-for-1 award redemption.  Plus, you can pool two cards in one household.  It’s a crazy, crazy good deal.

Remember – you can redeem BA miles on OneWorld partners, giving you access to fantastic premium seats on Cathay (for example).

Here’s the link


  1. Just a flag of course that the 2-for-1 voucher is only valid on BA flights, not on oneworld flights. But you are correct that BA miles work with oneworld partners. They also offerone-way awards which is nice. They do however have pretty hefty fuel surcharges and fees, as is the standard with European frequent flyer programs. Still much worth it of course!!

  2. You cannot be a current Chase Visa card holder, though, to receive all the bonus miles.

  3. And, it’s CRAZY expensive to use BA miles. On a recent NY-London trip, I did use some…just to get rid of them. It cost me $750 in FEES to use 100,000 airmiles for a business class ticket. I could have purchased an economy class ticket outright for the same amount. On Continental, it was $140 in fees and only 70,000 miles, but there were no seats on my dates. So, sure, get those BA miles, but enjoy emptying your pockets to spend them!

    • You can use BA miles on LAN, Cathay and AA (though not to London) without ridiculous fuel surcharges. BA miles are useless on BA because of the surcharge, but there are lots of great awards (especially to South America) where you won’t have a crazy co-pay.