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British Airways Has $700 Round Trip Fares (Tax Included) to India: So Why Did They Cancel Those $500 Tickets?

Need cheap tickets to India?  British Airways (as well as Continental and United) is selling $698 round trip tickets (tax included) between Washington DC and Bangalore/Hyderabad in India.  Dates are available in January and February (and possibly later than that as well).  I really only bring this up because you may remember that British Airways canceled $500 tickets that it sold by mistake early last month (those were $40 tickets plus $460 in taxes/surcharges…these are $599 tickets with $100 in tax/surcharge).  It said at the time that the fares were “so clearly below the normal fare levels” that people knew they couldn’t be legitimate.

Many who purchased the tickets responded (correctly it turns out) that $700 tickets to India are not unusual, so a $500 ticket was not out of the question.  So all of this begs the question — why did BA put themselves through the PR hell they endured because of a $200 error?

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  1. “why did BA put themselves through the PR hell they endured because of a $200 error?”

    My guess: the folks who were on the line for the revenue shortfall were not the same people who do PR/marketing.