A Quick Update about Southwest Kicking Crying Child Off a Plane

Just a quick update about the crying kid that Southwest kicked off a plane…As I guessed, the airline has now apologized for removing the kid and offered his mom a $300 voucher.


  1. Isn’t Southwest kinda splitting hairs when they say that they are not sorry for removing the family, but they are sorry for the inconvenience. Like me saying I’m not sorry I cheated on my wife, but I’m sorry that she’s upset. (or whatever) What difference does it make?

  2. I think they are basically saying “we’re sorry it caused you inconveniences, but it was the right thing to do.”

    In other words, they are not happy or oblivious to the fact that it caused inconveniences, but considering the alternatives, it was the best choice.

    I was obviously not on board that flight, but I suspect FAs face screaming kids every day, and kids don’t get kicked off planes every day. So something tells me this was more than your average crying/screaming kid.

  3. ummm…did you cheat on your wife??

  4. No, not on my own wife. No.