Southwest Kicks Mom and Cranky 2-Year Old Off Flight to San Jose

Flight attendants on a Southwest Airlines flight from Amarillo to San Jose removed a mother and her cranky 2-year old from a flight after the child wouldn’t quiet down during taxiing.  The kid was screaming, “Go Plane Go!” and “I want my daddy” which, as you might imagine, was pretty annoying.  The mother told a flight attendant that she had flown with the child several times, and that she was sure he would calm down once they took off.  The flight attendant replied that she had heard that before, then had the plane return to the gate.

As you’d guess, the mother was not happy.  I (obviously) was not on the plane, but as annoying as a screaming kid is, should an airline really kick the family off the flight?  I’ve sat next to guys snoring for 3 hours and that was unbelievably annoying, but I’m guessing nobody has been kicked off a plane for snoring.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Southwest comes out an apologizes at some point for this, even though it is torture when you’ve got a screaming kid on the plane.  Those Bose headphones do come in handy for those situations, though…


  1. I feel a little nit-picky, but it always drives me crazy that news stories never seem to understand Southwest flights. They say it’s an Amarillo to San Jose flight, and that gets repeated. Southwest does not fly non-stop from Amarillo to San Jose, and a quick look at their schedules shows they do not even have direct, same-plane service between the cities. Why not report it as a flight from Amarillo to Las Vegas or Denver, since that was, I don’t know, where the plane was actually going?

  2. Not nitpicky at all – It sounded like a connection, but it was 6:30am and I was being lazy and should’ve looked that up. My bad…

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