Cranky Flier Launches Cranky Concierge

I feel like those of us who write these airline blog-type sites are all one big dorky family.  So I’m happy to report that Brett Snyder, aka Cranky Flier, has gone off and started Cranky Concierge.   The short version is this:  You booked your flight and you want someone watching to make sure that everything goes smoothly?  For $30, they’ll give you a heads up on flight delays and offer suggestions for re-booking if you do get delayed.  Basically anything that will make the flight part of your trip go smoother, they’ll handle.  Think of it as the best travel agent you’ve never had minus the actual trip booking (though I’m bothering him to add that service).

As much as those of us who write airline blogs love the next-to-no money we earn from this, it’s great to see someone taking their passion from the industry and turn it into a business.  Best of luck, Brett!

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