Continental Announces OnePass Changes to Integrate with Star…It’s Mostly Good, Actually

Continental Airlines has announced the changes to OnePass as they integrate with Star Alliance over the next few months.  It’s mostly good news (you can see the details in the link above), here are the big changes:

– You earn full elite qualifying miles/points regardless of where you purchase.  That’s good news for corporate travelers who have been punished for following corporate travel regulations.

– Platinum and Gold members will get Gold on Star.

– Saturday night stays are no longer required on award travel.

Those are all great.  Less great:

– No more earning on Amtrak, Emirates and a handful of others.

– The reward chart, while much easier to read, has some small increases in mileage requirements (Hawaii, Europe).  On a plus note, there are first class awards available now.

– F, C, J and D fares now earn 125% mileage instead of 150%.

The biggest deal is Continental eliminating the penalty for not booking at  The award chart isn’t great, but just about everyone else has upped the mileage at this point, so it shouldn’t be much of a shock.


  1. Oh, happy day! I think I’ll postpone making additional flight arrangements until Oct. 27…

  2. I think the first “less great” isn’t as bad as you say–from the e-mail I got from CO, you just don’t earn elite miles with those partners:

    >>Upon our planned entry into Star Alliance, OnePass members will no longer earn Elite Qualification Miles, Elite Qualification Points or Elite mileage bonuses for travel operated by Amtrak, Emirates, EVA Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air, Kingfisher and US Helicopter.