JetBlue Sells Out of Unlimited Flight Pass 3 Days Early

JetBlue has announced that they sold out of their all-you-can-fly pass 3 days before the promotion was scheduled to end.  This is a bit unusual, frankly, which suggests one or more of a few things:

1) They must have sold quite a number of these passes, because the official reason for ending the sale is that they wanted to ensure people could actually get on flights; or

2) They just blew an enormous amount of goodwill generated by the promotion; or

3) Both of the above; or

4) They could’ve continued to tell the passes, then when people couldn’t get on flights they wanted they would’ve whined/Tweeted/blogged about how they purchased passes but couldn’t actually get on the flights they wanted.

JetBlue will take a minor PR hit from people complaining about the promo ending early; but let’s be realistic – if you were interested you shouldn’t have waited til the last minute.  Boo hoo.

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