Ryanair Forces 9-Year-Old Girl to Pay 10 Euros for Lost Purse

Always cuddly Ryanair told a 9-year-old girl that she would have to pay 10 Euro for the return of her lost purse at Dublin Airport. The girl had done a bit of shopping in Dublin airport and lost her purse, which contained about 42 Euro she had saved for a vacation.  After a number of phone calls, her father was able to track down the purse, but when he went to retrieve it Ryanair staff told him he would have to pay 10 Euro to get it back (of course he paid it).

The fee is ultimately paid to a vendor who handles lost items for the airline, but, as you can imagine, the British press is having a bit of a field day with this one.  CEO Michael O’Leary can yap about toilet charges and stand up seats all he wants, but the reality is that they make money any way they can – even from little girls.  Nicely done!


  1. Recently, Ryanair also charged a disable man for its oxygen, they really have no moral. I never let my children fly with them alone!