The JetBlue Pass: All-You-Can-Fly in One Month for $599

A brilliant marketing idea (even if they don’t profit from it):  JetBlue is offering a 1-time, $599 pass good for as much travel as you can squeeze in from September 8 – October 8 (one flight per day, please) across their entire network.  International fees (which can add up) are not included.  You have to actually book the flight 3 days in advance, and if you don’t show up they’ll ding you for $100.

The best part?  If you already have a flight booked during that time, you can pay the difference between $599 and the fare and get the pass and fly all you want for the month.

(A quick additional note:  Eastern Airlines sold a similar pass to similar destinations back in 1980 — 21 days unlimited travel for about $400 tax included.  More detail here:

Just goes to show what a steal this is…)


  1. Every frequent flyer fantasizes (?) about an unlimited flight pass, but would you REALLY want to have one? Especially for Sept. 8 to Oct. 8?

    I guess if you lived in one of their major markets, you could perhaps get your money’s worth. At least if you had a LOT of free time that month, or perhaps a long-distance relationship or a work project that would benefit from shuttling back and forth between their markets.

    I wonder how many people will now buy these passes and “go crazy” that month. Probably a few retirees and semi-retirees, but most people can only fantasize (and probably be better off not travelling THAT much!).

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