The Final Post about JetAmerica: They’re Not Going to Launch

A few weeks ago I predicted that nonsensical airline JetAmerica would close up shop in September.  I was wrong – JetAmerica shut down on Friday, citing the inability to get slots at Newark (obviously something they should have considered prior to selling tickets to Newark).  In their defense (sort of), they claim that they were operating as a public charter, which would not have required slots at Newark.  However, authorities with Newark Airport said that if it looked like a scheduled carrier, and smelled like a scheduled carrier, then it will be treated as a scheduled carrier (ie, if you fly a set schedule between cities, then you are not a charter).

None of that matters now, of course.  And while they claim to be looking for new cities to serve, this will be the end.

Nonsense like this gives the industry an even worse name than it already has.  I bid them a fond adieu.

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